Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have been wanting to be back on my blog for a LONG time and I have been thinking about it more and more these past several months SO HERE I AM! I started a marvelous online bible study...or "OBS" on Monday and it's called LET. IT. GO. by Karen Ehmes and lead by Melissa Taylor. The other day I got extremely upset that Wayne brought home the wrong hand soap for our bathroom after we have used the very same soap for almost 10 years and after (and honestly during) me having some harsh words with him I realized, THIS IS RIDICULOUS and actually apologized when I admit I'm not naturally inclined to apologize right away--crazily working on this though. I cried out to God to teach me how to stop being controlling because I have noticed more and more how much I like to be in charge! I don't actually WANT to but I do it out of fear because I believe Satans lies that if I don't take charge, no one will and then I won't be safe or taken care of... RIDICULOUS. We will talk more later on that. I've been learning for over a year on how to "let it go" but when the soap encounter happened, I knew i really needed a good TEACHING of some sort and literally later that week this bible study landed in my lap! I am learning that it is all about trusting God. Seriously, if we just 100% trusted Him, we would already be letting everything that hinders us go out the window. I am learning how to do this through that bible study and will share highlights with you here. I strongly recommend buying Karen's book!

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