Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have been wanting to be back on my blog for a LONG time and I have been thinking about it more and more these past several months SO HERE I AM! I started a marvelous online bible study...or "OBS" on Monday and it's called LET. IT. GO. by Karen Ehmes and lead by Melissa Taylor. The other day I got extremely upset that Wayne brought home the wrong hand soap for our bathroom after we have used the very same soap for almost 10 years and after (and honestly during) me having some harsh words with him I realized, THIS IS RIDICULOUS and actually apologized when I admit I'm not naturally inclined to apologize right away--crazily working on this though. I cried out to God to teach me how to stop being controlling because I have noticed more and more how much I like to be in charge! I don't actually WANT to but I do it out of fear because I believe Satans lies that if I don't take charge, no one will and then I won't be safe or taken care of... RIDICULOUS. We will talk more later on that. I've been learning for over a year on how to "let it go" but when the soap encounter happened, I knew i really needed a good TEACHING of some sort and literally later that week this bible study landed in my lap! I am learning that it is all about trusting God. Seriously, if we just 100% trusted Him, we would already be letting everything that hinders us go out the window. I am learning how to do this through that bible study and will share highlights with you here. I strongly recommend buying Karen's book!

Friday, August 5, 2011


July- I resign at my job as an account Manager at Mid Tex cellular in Brownwood because Wayne is promoted to Assistant Manager at Staples in North Richland Hills!! We go to find a house and do it in just one day with the super awesome help of Dad's cousin Denni who happens to be a realtor! Wayne moves in and I stay in Brownwood with the kids until they go to Fort Stockton. Our air conditioner goes out and so I am very pregnant in the horrible heat. We buy a window unit.

August 19- Anna Lenn Bailey Nix was born in Brownwood, Texas! The most beautiful baby girl you will ever see!

Everyone in the family is helping us pack:)

August 26- We all moved into our new home in the Fort Worth suburb with Jeff and Josh's great help.

September- Elijah began homeschooling! 1st grade began!

November 18- Noah turned 2 years old! Last year I did not get to spend the day with him because I was working. My first day was on Emily's birthday, the 16th and so I could not ask off for his birthday just 2 days later. It was so absolutely wonderful to be with him on this 2nd birthday. It was an Elmo theme and just our small little family. We got him a Sesame Street table and chairs among other toys:) He wore an Elmo costume.

November 25- Josh, Wayne's Brother, joined us for Thanksgiving and we made wonderful crafts before and on that grateful day including a turkey that had several tail feathers. Each feather represented a day up until TDay and had something Elijah was grateful for that day.

December-Anna's first Christmas!
We spent Christmas lunch with cousin Denni at her daughter Melissa's beautiful new home.

January- Elijah turned 7 years old and got his first big boy bicycle!

February- I had my 27th Birthday and got to spend it with family in Fort Stockton because we went to see Wayne's brother Meaghan get married.

March-School is still going well!

April-Surprise, surprise! We are pregnant with baby #4and it appears that I am several months along already!
May-We continue school with plans of graduation upcoming! Doctor says I am due November 15!

June-Summer!! Summer school begins as we want to get further ahead! Swimming is so much fun!

July-Doctor puts me on bed rest bc baby is ready now but it's not time yet! We finish school and the children go to Fort Stockton to be with family so that I can keep baby in the cookin:)

August/The Present-Bed rest is helping immensely. Dr. said I am doing well. I am catching up on a lot, including this blog! I am so tired and so is Wayne but we are catching up. "We" are also FINALLY, after a year, getting our house super deep cleaned, organized and DECORATED! That's right, decorated. Except for 1 mirror over the fireplace and a few spa decors in our bathroom, we haven't done anything bc we have been so busy.

My plans are to use my time wisely and learn a lot during this time. I am specifically praying a lot more for our family and others, bible time and memorization, learning about sewing and other useful things:)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Noah is 9 months old today! Check up is September 3.

Elijah started Kindergarten at Victory Life Academy yesterday! It was a blessing!
Today on day #2, he got sent home with a fever!
Wayne gets off work at Staples at 3pm and picks up Elijah at 3:30. I dropped off Elijah's car booster seat with Wayne and headed to the park with Noah. Before we got out of the truck, I changed Noah and then took forever to find my phone. It had somehow fell out of my purse and under the front seat. It was on silent so when i finally found it, it had like 5 missed calls and 2 voicemails.... the school had called said Elijah had a 100.8 fever.... I quickly got back in the truck and then Wayne called sayings he had already been called and picked him up so we met and I got Elijah ... that's when he threw up. WOWWWWWW crazy morning.... Noah was VERY clingy this morning and we were almost late to school so I freaked out all morning... Noah was mad bc i had to put him in and out of the car seat so many times.. poor babe.. once at home to leave, once at school so i could walk Elijah into his class room and then at the park! Anyway, Elijah is now watching cartoons while laying on the couch with his Transformers blanket. Jesus, Pedialyte & Tylenol are at work. He says he feels better, PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's the prayers!

This past weekend we went to Wimberly, Texas to have a reunion with the Day side! There was recently a reunion with Wayne's side but we didn't get to go because we had stuff already going on but we did get to go to Fort Stockton right before and then visited some family that came into Brownwood. The Day reunion was very relaxing and it good to see everyone. Grandpa got us Broadcreek Ranch for 3 days. Photobucket



PhotobucketThere were 3 homes, 2 pools, a jacuzzi, tons of horses and pretty scenery! I enjoyed being with everyone. The swimming felt great and i especially enjoyed Noah in the water. He's a fish! Also Elijah learned to swim like never before! No floaties for sure now! Mom swam for the first time in 9 years! I loved that she enjoyed it. I liked the shopping in the village. Wayne bought me some very rad earrings and an asian fan (for hot days out with the kids and it went to charity!) We ate at Marco's italian restaurant where i had the best waiteress ive ever had! Elijah took a nap when Wayne, Noah & I went to see the horses......Wayne almost got a beautiful black horse asleep by slowly rubbing it's face... it was so kool to see it slowly lower its eyelids in complete peace! PhotobucketNoah stuck his thumb up another horse's nostril and started crying.... he didn't like to get too close after that (although he did touch the black horses nose) then he loved the horses bc when we walked away he kept looking over my shoulder trying to see them. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Elijah did crazy stunt jumps into the pool and cousin Nick got some good pics.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

My beautiful sisters and Elijah.....

Jessica is due November 16, Emily's Birthday! Noah will be 1 year old just 2 days after Baby LilyAna is born. Jess, I hope I spelled that right!


I had to take this picture of Sarah & Micah! Beautiful!Photobucket

Baby cousin Cayden was precious.. not to mention his awesome hair. Here's Cousin Collin & Cayden now!


Baby cousin Eden was adorable!


Here's Em & Sarah in the pool


We played Monopoly a lot at night and I actually finished 2 games! Before Wimberly I had never done that bc it usually takes so long! We read that there is a short version and went with that. Here's Noah playing with us, haha.Photobucket

Elijah did great on his first day of school yesterday... I am so proud of him! He has waited for this all year! I am so grateful to The Lord for allowing us to attend this excellent school! He loved his first day. Cassi teaches at the school and said she saw him telling the other kids how to line up after Chapel.. hahahaha. He was soooooooooooooo anxious to go to school and when we woke him up he jumped up... that's a miracle for him... he takes a lot of prodding to wake up for anything! lol I was so nervous that i would get there late so we left 30 minutes early and got there 20 minutes early.....i drove slow bc I knew he would have to wait at the school before going in or he would have to go to before school care and no need for that. Elijah was like C'MON! lol Wayne was able to get off a few minutes to see him off. Elijah didn't even get started coloring at his desk and didn't look back over his shoulder after we hugged and kissed him goodbye.. he did great! His teacher, Mrs. Thedford, said he did great and she is such a doll! I like her already. You get a sense from her that she is very focused and caring! Meet The Teacher was great and we earned 1 point by being there. He has to earn 30 points all year. Parental participation is the key (FUN!!!!!!) Even eating lunch w/ Elijah & helping with parties gives points. I signed up for helping w/ the Octoberfest bc it's on a Sat. We're busy with our businesses & the church but i think it will work out great. When Wayne picked him up, he was a little early and twice Elijah could see Wayne outside of his classroom but didn't run up to him but he did wave... he kept doing what he was suppose to do like a big boy!

I love my little pupil!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

In this one he was like, NO MORE PICTURES PLEASE lol..Noah is so cute looking down at him.
I loved hearing about his day when he got home!
**************okay it took me pieces of the day to write this blog.... since I did this blog, Elijah's fever broke and He MAY go to school tomorrow... depends on how he feels in the morning! THANK YOU JESUS! I have more pictures but will post them later when I can!
Please pray for Noah as he is teething a lot! Love you all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Back !!!!

hey guys! OKAY OKAY i know that it has been SEVEN MONTHS since i updated this blog! Okay i have rad pictures and lotsa updates for ya so stick around... i gotta go to bed ! I just wanted to say it's coming soon!!!!!

Natalie is here and we are talking about her hair... it's gonna be P I N K tomorrow! Oh my goodness, I know.. it's crazy... but yes, crazy awesome, too!!!


Love, Rachel


Saturday, December 20, 2008

So much to post so lil time:):)

HaHa! That is Elijah's first picture with Santa! We actually don't do Santa to emphasis Jesus and so Elijah knows the truth.. but we thought it would be fun to have a pic with him! LOL He was SOOOOOOOOoooOOOOO nervous and kept shaking and making faces like the one you see there!!!!!! It was Wednesday night after the youth's Christmas party at Cici's Pizza when we had a pizza eating contest. Wayne came in 2nd place with 36 pieces of pizza!! (Which explains the next picture!) Garret won with 38 PIECES!!!!!!???!! The manager actually announced it to the restaurant (also stating that 32 was the record there!) and gave him a free buffet ticket, LOL!

Noah is one month and 2 days! Can you believe it? We are so so grateful to Jesus for all these wonderful blessings!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY have not had the time to be on here and that is why there are not zillions of beautiful pictures up but there will be someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got some pictures done for sending out inside of our Christmas cards but i didn't beat the Post Office so Monday morning out they will go! Just in time! HAHA! Here are some of the pictures from day. OH! I must say that Noah looks just like Elijah in these pictures and I actually used the same shirt Elijah had his professional first pictures in (except I am not professional, hehehe)We hoped for sun but I think they're cute anyway! Also we were planning on just close ups so explains the batman shoes but here ya go! LOL!

We're at Howard Payne University, by the way. It still feels like a major part of our lives.

Yesterday I took Noah to see Dr. Hull bc he has been having red bumps all over his body for a week... Dr. Hull said he is allergic to fragrance in his body wash like Elijah & me (Aveeno's had light fragrance in it) so after talking with me about Mary Kay he totally recommended the non fragrant washes we have! No prob, Bob! lol! GET THIS.... since his last check up 2 weeks ago (WHEN HE WAS 7lbs and 13oz.. 20 in. long) he is NOW 9lbs, 8oz and 21 inches long! He really has been eating so much! He is such a healthy boy and VERY STRONG PRAISE THE LORD!

Our days are B-U-S-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are of course filled with baby & boy plus everything else... and today, a puppy!

It's a BOY, of course! Another boy haha... He is a VERY cute Jack Terrier.. 8 weeks old and his name is Joe. He is Elijah's birthday present that we have promised him for 1 year now! We said when his 5th birthday came, he could have a dog and he has talked about it ALL YEAR LONG! At the time we didn't know we were going to have a baby or we might have geared it to some other present until later because of all the germs and time effort but we can't go back on our word now... especially when it has been his greatest anticipation! Elijah's birthday is January 14 but we saw Joe today and just knew he was the one! Very mild & gentle... will be a medium sized dog and is very sweet so he is perfect! Elijah has thought of several names all year but kept going back to Joe. I didn't remind him of the name and he remembered when the name game came up! I felt like a lost sheep in a whole new world today when I was shopping for dog food, collar, shampoo, etc. .... I had no idea what to get for dog food and even asked a stranger! lol She said to get the SCIENCE DIET dog food that you can get at the tractor supply store bc it will make their stools hard so you can keep them indoors but i was thinking nooooo way about that dog inside with my baby but good to know for indoor dogs! Decided on Purina Beneful for puppies. We'll try it out. I will do more research on all the stuff for dogs soon. lol Elijah has already tried to take a nap cuddled beside the puppy on the porch! lol Sooo cute. They work SO well together..... at first he was a little rough with Joe but i had to explain that "PUPPY" means BABY dog so be he knows about baby gentle now you know!

After Wayne gets off on Christmas Eve (6pm) we head out for Fort Stockton until Sunday the 28th. Then on Friday, January 2nd we head to east Texas..12 hours away... for Courtney's wedding on the 3rd! We will be home the 4th.. phew! I am so excited!!! This will be a sort of "vacation" time for us.

I will post more when I can!!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! Noah is 3 weeks old today! I had his 2wk check up last Tuesday (first time to take the boys out by myself!) and he had already grown 12 ounces and 1 inch! He is now 7lbs and 13oz (he was 7lbs, 6oz then lost 5 oz after the hospital)! The Dr. said he's doing great and the jaundice is almost gone, phew! We love our pediatrician here in Brownwood but I have a wonderful OB/GYN in San Angelo PLUS their hospital is the best.... so it was great not having to travel again for the baby's appointment.

I had to skip my 3 week apt. in San Angelo but my 6 week is December 30 (Sarah's birthday!). We DID get to go to San Angelo on Saturday though! We went to see Grandpa for his 84th Birthday!! I would have taken pictures but Elijah accidentally broke our new camera last week! It so kool that he was born in 1924! Wayne made him prune cake, Granpa's fave, and I actually liked it! I mean, i don't like prunes! After a wonderful time with Grandpa we went to Fort Concho's Christmas and saw Wayne's Dad in the reenactments. He had a civil war tent that he had been sleeping in for 2 days and everything! It was awesome with all of the old timey demo booths and activities and we didn't get to look at everything bc of time but we did tour the hospital and the gingerbread house contest entries! Awesome!! I was esp. happy bc we are doing a gingerbread contest in our family this year & Emily & I are on a team so the entries i saw TOTALLY gave me ideas! I took pics of each house!! Elijah got to ride a kid train and then we watched the civil war flag ceremony. Afterwards we did a lot of Christmas shopping and went home.

Yesterday was my spiritual birthday!! 16 years saved!!!!!!!! I always remember that day is also Rees' birthday! He is 16 also!! SNIFF SNIFF!

We are going to Fort Stockton for Christmas and we are SO HAPPY because we thought we weren't going to be able to bc of Wayne's schedule. He DOES work Christmas Eve but we'll head out when he gets off! Since he gets the 26th off & the 28th at church, we'll have a big weekend! This will be our biggest "vacation" in a long time. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really am working on pictures and updates whenever I can. Really busy with baby & Elijah but i love you all & will post asap!! I actually posted this blog in pieces until I got it filled up! It's easier for me to send text messages for updates but I am working on that. In the mean time, the few of you that are not on my list, feel free to send me your cell numbers! lol Although it's so funny how people respond to my blogs thru my email (which i REALLY am bad at checking here lately but like everything I else I am getting to it ASAP!) but I guess not everyone has an account so that's kool!